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The Jungle Book Chapter 9

Mowgli took his knife and started to cut the skin off of Shere Khan's body. Then the village hunter came by and saw what Mowgli was doing.

The village hunter said, "I will take this tigers skin and I will sell it in the market. Don't worry, I will let you have a little money for yourself."

"No," said Mowgli. "For many years this tiger has wanted to kill me. But now I have killed him."This skin is mine."

The village hunter became angry and said, "I am the village hunter. I will take the skin to the market and I will keep all the money."

Then Mowgli called to Akela in the wolf language. Suddenly Akela appeared, and the village hunter ran away.

It was nearly dark and Akela helped Mowgli pull the skin off of the tiger's body. Then Mowgli returned to the cave of his wolf family. Look! I have brought the skin of Shere Khan with me, Mowgli said" Then Mowgli took the skin of Shere Khan and he put it on the great rock, for all the wolves to see that Shere Khan was dead.

For the rest of his life, Mowgli lived in the jungle. He lived with his family of wolves, and with his friends, Baloo, Bagheera and Akela.

The End