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The Jungle Book Chapter 8

One day Mowgli saw Akela at the edge of the jungle.

The wolves said, "Shere Khan has come back. He is going to attack you tonight. He is hiding in the big ravine."

"Has Shere Khan already eaten today?" asked Mowgli.

"Yes, he ate a fat cow earlier today," said Akela.

"Good!" said Mowgli. "If he has eaten already, he will be too slow and heavy to climb out of the ravine. I will drive a herd of elephants into the ravine to trample him to death. "Can you help me, my brother?"

"I will help you," Akela said.

When the elephants were ready, Mowgli shouted down into the ravine, "Shere Khan! It is I, Mowgli! Where are you?"

Mowgli rode on the back of the biggest elephant, and Akela chased them from behind. The elephants ran down the ravine, and the ground shook under their feet.

Shere Khan could not get out of the ravine. Because he had eaten too much, he was too slow and heavy, and he could not get away. It was too late for Shere Khan. He fell under the feet of the elephants and they ran over him.

Mowgli jumped off the elephant's back and shouted, "It is done! Shere Khan is dead!"