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The Jungle Book Chapter 7

The full moon came, and it was time for the Wolf Council meeting. When Mowgli arrived, he saw Shere Khan sitting in the place of leadership at the top of the rock instead of Akela.

Mowgli said, "Is Shere Khan your leader?"

Sheer Khan said, "Perhaps I should lead the wolf pack now."

Akela said, "I have been your leader for twelve years, and I have led you on many hunts. But now I am very old. The law of the jungle says that you can kill me now, but you must attack me one by one."

Although Akela was very old, the young wolves were still afraid to fight him. Sheer Khan roared, "You do not need to kill Akela! He is very old! He will die soon! But kill the dangerous man-cub! Give him to me!"

"He is a man!" the young wolves howled. "A man does not belong in our pack."

Mowgli said, "I was your brother, but I am a man now, and I have the red flower." He thrust a piece of dry brush into the fire. The fire burst forth and all the animals moved back. "You let Akela live!" Mowgli commanded. He jumped at the young wolves with his fire, and they all ran away.

Then Mowgli spoke to Shere Khan, "The next time I see you, I will take the hide from your dead body." Then he hit Shere Khan with the burning stick and Shere Khan ran into the jungle.