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The Jungle Book Chapter 6

Sheer Khan grew more powerful in the jungle and made friends with the young wolves. Shere Khan would tease the young wolves and say, "I hear that you cannot look into the man cub's eyes. Why are you afraid of him? Why do you let an old wolf and a man cub lead the pack of wolves?" The young wolves becams angry and wanted to kill Mowgli.

Bagheera knew everything that happened in the jungle. He told Mowgli, "Very soon, Akela will be too old to hunt. Then the younger wolves will kill you both."

"You must go to the village and get the red flower," Bagheera said. "The red flower will protect you better than Baloo or I can. It is a powerful weapon that only men can use."

Bagheera was telling Mowgli to get some fire. The animals are afraid of fire, and they are afraid to call it by its real name. They make up many words for it, such as red flower, but they never call it fire.

Mowgli went quietly into the village. He stole some fire and ran away back into the jungle.
After a while, he saw the fire get smaller and smaller. He thought, "I must feed the red flower or it will die." He kept the fire alive by giving it leaves and small pieces of wood.

Mowgli was waiting for the Wolf Council meeting. Bagheera had told Mowgli that when Shere Khan came to the next Wolf Council meeting, he must thrust a dry brush into the fire to make the red flower would blossom.