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The Jungle Book Chapter 4

While Mowgli was sleeping, the Bandar log were watching and waiting. Suddenly Mowgli woke up. The monkeys were carrying Mowgli high up into the trees.

The monkeys were taking Mowgli to the Lost City." The Lost City was an old and lonely place. It had once been very beautiful, but now the walls were broken down. The jungle was coming up through it, and closing in around it.

The Lost City was built by men. Men had lived there, but they left a long time ago. The monkey people decided to live there, and now they called it their city. They played in the old buildings and ran through the old narrow streets.

The monkeys finally arrived at the Lost City with Mowgli. Then they held a noisy meeting. They said, "This boy can show us how to do the things that man can do." But very soon, they ran off to play their wild and silly games.

Mowgli was very hungry now, and wanted some food. Many monkeys ran off to find food for Mowgli, but when they found food, they forgot about him and ate it themselves.

Mowgli realized that what Baloo had said was true. He realized that the monkey people were very foolish, and that is what made them very dangerous. But when Mowgli tried to leave, the monkeys surrounded him. They told him, "You do not want to leave us. The monkey people are great and wonderful." Mowgli could not escape, but there were so many monkeys that there was always one nearby; laughing and joking and trying to play with him.