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The Jungle Book Chapter 3

Baloo and Bagheera taught Mowgli all the ways of the jungle. Mowgli learned to hunt, climb trees and swim in the river. He learned about the trees and the flowers and the plants. Mowgli learned everything about the animals and the birds.

One day Mowgli was not paying attention to his lessons, so Baloo hit him softly on the head. Mowgli ran away and climbed a tree. He did not come back for a very long time.

Baloo called, "Come back, Mowgli! I must teach you so you can be safe from all the danger in the jungle."

Mowgli climbed down and sat near Baloo. "One day you will be glad that you listened to me," said Baloo.

"I will be king of the monkey people!" shouted Mowgli.

"What did you say, Mowgli?" asked Baloo. "Have you met the Bandar log? Have you met the monkey people?"

Mowgli said, "When I ran away, I climbed a tree and met the monkey people there. They play never do any work. They said that they want me to be their leader."

Baloo said, "The monkey people think they are great, but they know nothing. They do not obey the law of the jungle.

"I will never play with them again," said Mowgli.

It was time for the afternoon nap, so Baloo, Bagheera and Mowgli lay down to rest.