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The Jungle Book Chapter 2

Father Wolf and Mother Wolf took Mowgli and their four new cubs to the Wolf Council Meeting at the Great Rock. The Wolf Council always decides which wolf cubs may join the pack.

Suddenly there was a terrible roar. Shere Khan stood near the Great Rock and shouted, "A man cub must not join the wolf pack!" Many of the wolves agreed with Shere Khan.

The leader of the wolf pack was Akela, the largest and strongest wolf. Akela said, "If we cannot agree to let the man-cub can join the wolf pack, two wise and respected members of the jungle must speak in his favour.

Baloo the brown bear stepped forward. Baloo taught all wolf cubs the law of the jungle. "I will speak for the man cub," said Baloo, "And if you allow him to join the pack, I will teach him the law of the jungle."

Then Bagheera the black panther said, "It would be wrong to kill this harmless man cub. Let him live. If you let him live, I will give you a fat cow that I have just killed."

Suddenly all the wolves decided tto let the man cub live. They all wanted to eat the dead cow. "Let the man cub live," they howled, and they ran off to take the dead cow.

Only Akela, Bagheera, Baloo, and Mowgli's family were left. Shere Khan roared angrily as he walked off into the jungle.

"Are you unhappy, Shere Khan?" laughed Bagheera. "You will be very unhappy when the man-cub comes to hunt you."